Happy Birthday Uncle Cliff 7/16/2015 - Your Legacy Lives On!!

July 20th, 2015

Sharing archives of  The DuBose Legacy evolution from the root of  black quartet gospel music (soul, gospel, blues, jazz and orchestra) parable poetics, broadcast media and more. Visit store to purchase ebook today.




From the looks of it, the grandson, namely Dawson is walking in his grandfathers footsteps. What a blessing and wonderful legacy Clifford DuBose left his family and friends. The legacy of sports and playing baseball in the little league and perhaps the major leagues. In addition, in 2014 a field was named in honor of the Late Clifford DuBose . Click link to read the article about most auspicious accomplishment. 

During this birthday season, we had to pause and give honorable mention to the life and living legacy that yet remains in his offspring. I know that Chansler DuBose along with all the DuBose clan in Alabama and  aboard are so very proud of the foundation which was by the Late Clifford DuBose.


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