Cam Perron @ TED Ed - Teenager Finds His Passion For the Negro League Baseball

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Cam Perron was Googling himself (hey, we've all done it) when he came across an Internet article about the death of his friend, John Dawson.

Though Perron is only 19, this happens every so often. He finds out another one of his pen pals or phone buddies is dead and gone, and he is reminded of the shelf life that accompanies his peculiar-yet-impactful passion for tracking down former Negro League players and learning about their history in the game.

"It stinks," Perron said, "because I used to talk to these guys quite often. But I know they're going to pass away, so I know what to expect."

What Perron could not have expected was how many people would take interest in his pursuit. READ WHOLE ARTICLE HERE

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