70 and Beyond | The Evolution of Quartet Music in the Life of Papa Joe

October 16th, 2016

Sharing archives of The DuBose Legacy evolution from the root of black quartet gospel music (soul, gospel, blues, jazz and orchestra) parable poetics, TV, radio broadcast media and more. Home Page
 Forward by 
Rep James E. Clyburn birthday blessing on 70th birthday of Jonathan DuBose Sr.  
Opening Musical Tribute to Papa Joe
Composition -son
  Studio Producer- grandson
 Vocals by granddaughters |
Background by grands & daughter in-law
Spoken word-grandson in-law
Click to hear an in-depth radio conversation with Bob Marovich, Journal of Gospel Music and guest the Late Jonathan DuBose Sr aka Papa Joe. (includes music from the Starlight's and Mother Marie Wiggins.

Patricia Anne’ DuBose and her brothers Kenneth and Jonathan, Jr. began compiling a patron’s program to distribute at the 70th birthday celebration of their father, Jonathan “Papa Joe” DuBose, Sr. of the Sensational Starlight's quartet.

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